The last dozen-or-so years, I’ve had the privilege of traveling across the country and around the globe as a professional wedding photographer. At the same time, I’ve spent considerable time working as an in-house Brand Director and a creative consultant for small businesses. I’ve also spoken at conferences and workshops from Santa Barbara to Brooklyn, Stockholm to the Canary Islands.

I've hustled hard, and maintained a very specific vision and honest aesthetic. I’ve committed to telling real stories with timeless portraits and candid reportage that communicate on an individual and collective level.

The past few years have found me slowing down, and finding more balance inside & out of my work. There’s been a re-integration of parts of myself that I left dormant in my hustle, and an integration of new unearthed dimensions of myself. The athlete is back, the volunteer is active, and the dad is alive.

I’m looking to professionally pivot a little. I’d like to offer my creative eye, critical mind, and open heart to creatives and small businesses looking to refine their vision/brand/business. If you’re interesting, please reach out to me:


Art Direction
Brand Diagnosis
Portfolio/Website Reviews

— I’m here to help.